How Will ‘Addressable’ Digital Messaging Change Your Strategy?

Yes, that's a message in a bottle

A big trend I’m watching these days: the growing ability of online marketers and advocates to aim their online messages more and more specifically, often down to the household or individual level. We’ve covered various aspects of microtargeting since got its start in 2006, but the advent of cookie targeting and similar “addressable” communications options has expanded the arsenal dramatically — every time you turn your head, the reach and accuracy of our targeting options seems to increase.

Writing in CQROllcall’s Connectivity blog this week, I cover some recent advances in the field, starting with cookie targeting and similar advertising strategies designed to reach narrow slices of the public. The piece moves on to discuss list segmentation (which I’ll argue is a manifestation of the same trend) and social media targeting via Facebook custom audiences and similar technique. It also looks ahead to a time when TV advertisers will also aim the bulk of their content at specific households rather than blasting it into the aether.

While you’re there, check out more of Connectivity’s recent articles — since its launch last year, the site’s growing into a great resource for online advocates and cause marketers. Good stuff.


Photo by Mikepanhu [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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