Brilliant: Twitter F#@!up Bingo

Twitter bingo preview

Snow day? We’ve got you covered! Yesterday, friend-of-Epolitics Jason Lefkowitz sent around a link to a great little post from Yahoo Technology: Corporate Twitter F#@!up Bingo. How often do we see the people who run Twitter accounts for companies, big nonprofits, political campaigns and others in the public eye screw the proverbial pooch? All the damn time!

Now, you can follow along with the various stumbles, oopsies, ouches and HR-worthy firing offences via this simple Bingo card. Confusing personal and corporate accounts? Check! Clueless appropriation of teenage slang? Check! Blatant racism, homophobia and sexism? Check, check and check!

Just mark out a square every time you see a corporate twitter f#@!up, and you’re on your way to victory — it’s fun for the whole family! And, a fine introduction to What Can Go Wrong, complete with links to examples of the worst mistakes.

What will you win? Hopefully, the ability NOT to make any of these tragic errors on your own time. Reading the card makes me smile and cringe at the same time — I’ve avoided the Big Ones, but man have I committed some of the lesser sins…and lived in fear of the mortal ones. The card is reprinted below, and be sure to check out the full article on Yahoo Tech. I look forward to seeing some politics/advocacy specific versions….



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