HERE’S the Conservative Care2/

Remember that time we wondered why there wasn’t a Right-wing petition site, an equivalent of Care2 or but for causes dear to the conservative heart? Now there IS one:

The digital media firm Intermarkets, Inc., today announced the launch of, the first open and free petition platform that allows individuals and organizations to engage and mobilize supporters on issues such as free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and limited government, among others.

With the combination of cutting-edge digital technology and a large audience of highly-engaged activists, StandUnited is poised to redefine how the petition process can empower citizens, voters, taxpayers, small businesses and other like-minded activists to speak with a unified voice.

Like (allows conservative and Republican petitions but with a user base that skews liberal), lets citizens start petitions that others can sign, with the messages delivered to the appropriate decision-makers. The site naturally also features social media integration to help petition-signers spread the word.

What’s the business model? If Care2 and Change are any indication, creating a platform for advocacy and political groups to pay to run petitions is a good business model — petition-signers can opt-in to the sponsoring organization’s list, and many advocacy groups and political campaigns on the Left have found Care2 and Change to be extremely cost-effective ways to recruit supporters. Now, conservative groups and Republican campaigns have the same opportunity.

The key to StandUnited’s success, of course, will be critical mass: Care2 alone has close to 20 million users, meaning that liberal organizations can access a vast pool of potential recruits. To provide value to potential paid petition sponsors, StandUnited must build its sizable own base of activists will to support conservative causes and join other conservative lists. For a hint of the kinds of actions the site will be using to entice new members, take a look at the initial highlighted petitions:

For more information about the new site, check out their press release. For more perspective on conservative petition sites, see our article from September, 2013, and be sure to scroll down to the discussion in the comments section.


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