Are You Ready for the Mobile Web? An Interactive Infographic Illustrates a Revolution in Progress

Mobile web traffic is doubling every year

Our friends over at The Brick Factory came out with a revealing infographic/report today: a look at how mobile usage has changed for their 60+ client content websites over the past few years.

The upshot, of course, is that many more people are now accessing those sites from a cellphone or tablet, though the actual amount varied widely site-to-site (“Mobile traffic percentages ranged from 1% to 44%”).

Also interesting: despite the rise of iPads and other tablets, most site accesses from a mobile device were from phones. And from a bewildering variety of screen sizes and electronic critters! Roughly 86 different devices per site in 2013 so far. IOS and Android’s rise to dominance on the techie side, btw, becomes very obvious when you look back as recently as 2011…alternatives disappear fast, year-to-year.

Over the period surveyed, the percentage of mobile web traffic to this population of websites (which considering Brick Factory’s client base, likely mirrors the broader political advocacy world online) doubled every year between 2010 and 2013 (so far). At this rate, pretty soon the mobile web will effectively BE the web…and online communicators had better be prepared. Check it out.


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Colin Delany
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