Today at 3 PM Eastern: Mobile Strategy, Plus Email in a Social Media Age

Check out today’s Digital Politics Radio lineup:

The topic on Digital Politics Radio today is the development of a mobile strategy and the role of email in the age of social media, text messaging and apps.

My guests are Tom Kingsley, CEO, Crowd Compass, Stephen Molldrem, Principal, eLect Strategies, and Bob Lee, CEO, Moonshadow Mobile.

Interesting — mobile and email are two things I’m asking people about a lot as I’m getting ready to re-write “Winning in 2010” for the 2012 cycle. More to come on that front soon, and you can listen to today’s show at 3 pm Eastern on WSRadio. Past shows are archived at the E-Voter Institute site, where you’ll be able to catch it in a couple of days if you can’t listen live today.


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Colin Delany
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