Interactive Obama Infographic Series Tracks Policies Throughout a Woman’s Life

Update: Cong. Paul Ryan, the budget-cutter par excellence, thinks the “Life of Julia” is “creepy” and “demeaning” to women. Hit a nerve, much? (Via Greg Sargent.)

Women are a key consituency for the Democrats this Fall, and it’s no surprise that the Obama campaign is trying very hard NOT to let Mitt Rommey leave the contraceptive coverage fight and the rest of the “War on Women” behind. Their latest weapon: an interactive series of illustrations showing the relative effects of Democratic and Republican policies throughout the life of a woman.

Obama campaign Life of Julie infographic series

Of course, “The Life of Julia” is a propaganda device in the tradition of all good campaign materials, meaning that Obama’s policies are presented in the best possible light and Romney’s are the height of perfidy. The presentation is effective, though — it’s hard to imagine that someone could flip through all the slides without getting The Message. Yet another example of the power of illustrating abstract policies visually.

Of course, though, it’s no QR code on a banana.


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Colin Delany
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