With the Massachusetts Senate Race Apparently Close, A Look Back at How Scott Brown Beat Martha Coakley

The latest news from the state of Massachusetts apparently shows a tightening race to replace John Kerry in the Senate. The White House is certainly acting like they believe it’s a real trend: they’re sending surrogates and working to boost turnout among complacent Democrats (naturally, the DSCC’s also going nuts on the email fundraising side).

The last time a Republican and a Democrat faced off in a high-profile Senate special election in Massachusetts, things didn’t work out so well for the Dems: Scott Brown cleaned Democrat Martha Coakley’s clock. And while Markey doesn’t seem to be repeating Coakley’s biggest mistakes (he didn’t go on vacation after the primary, for a start), it’s still useful to look back at what happened in 2010. Below are a couple of roundup articles (with links to a bunch of relevant articles across the web) and three four pieces published here on Epolitics.com. Enjoy.

Link roundup articles:

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