Where We Stand Today: The 2012 Electoral College Map

Howdy folks, your redoutable Epolitics.com editorial team (i.e., me) is back from The Burn with about 2000 photographs and even more stories — some of which I might be able to tell in public! But for now, back to politics — and to the state of the presidential race at this moment. The Washington Post site has the map, complete with the latest polling numbers:

The Fix crew interprets the data here (summary: they see an edge for Obama); I’ll just add that it’ll be interesting to see how shifts in public opinion in the various states will affect the campaigns’ allocation of resources to 1) digital advertising, and 2) grassroots outreach. As we’ll discuss soon, the Democrats’ emphasis on field organizing, data collection and data mining gives them a big advantage in how they make those decisions. Welcome back!


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Colin Delany
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