Enter the Coders: #Occupy Hackathons This Weekend

Everybody step back: the programmers are entering the building. Without the need for formal leadership, folks are self-organizing hackathons to help build digital tools for the Occupy Wall Street movement this weekend. So far, events are planned in three cities:

Stock up on the Mountain Dew and Cheetos, kids! These events are a great example of how multi-faceted a modern grassroots political movement can be. Sure, plenty of people are camping out on Wall Street and in cities across the country, but that’s not the only way we can be involved. Here’s a great opportunity for the ones-and-zeroes crowd to contribute their skillz and experience to what’s shaping up to be a pivotal development in our contemporary political culture. Even if the mainstream media didn’t notice it until people started getting arrested.


Written by
Colin Delany
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