Today’s Really Bad Online Ideas: Politico’s Primary, “We Are the 53%”

Update: For contrast, c.f. today’s actual GOOD online idea,

The internet is a really good place to spread ideas. Unfortunately, some of those ideas are really, really bad. Today’s examples of the latter:

  • The Politico Primary: “The public has had it with Washington and conventional politics. It has lost trust and respect in the conventional governing class.” So what does Politico do? “Nominate” Condi Rice, Erskine Bowles, Jon Huntsman, perennial “centrist” love-target Michael Bloomberg and other members of the conventional governing class to be its dream candidates to lead us to the promised land of policy goodness. Bah! And, Bah, again! What mushy-middle, un-self-aware drivel.
  • We Are the 53%, Erick Erickson’s utterly painful, unintentionally ironic “answer” to the Occupy Wall Street-aligned We are the 99% blog. Watch as everyday people who are actually getting screwed by the system worship their slave-chains in front of us all! Learn about creativity from the almost-immediate online spoof response (via Alex Pareene)! Find why Erickson’s whole site’s raison d’etre is based on a misconception! (Hint: EVERYONE pays taxes, even if they don’t pay federal INCOME taxes.) It’s so brave of Erickson to take on the parasites among us — you know, the people who make so little money that the government gives them a pass on taxes, except for when they pay sales taxes, payroll taxes, gas taxes, property taxes, etc., ad nauseum. Don’t forget the old people on Social Security! Granny, you and your cats are a stalking-horse for communism.

Please, please, somebody save me — I don’t think I can take much more of this.


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Colin Delany
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  • Release the bitterness! You’re a Gen Xer, remember? You’re supposed to look at this ironically.

    99percenters – sorry that you took out $100k for a philosophy degree. 53percenters – you work awfully hard, okay? Growth would solve everyone’s problems so why don’t we look at ways to get business to hire again? ‘Cause making viral videos ain’t helping.