And One Really GOOD Online Idea:

Rest assured, I am not entirely filled with bile and bad juju today, despite all evidence to the contrary. To prove it, here are some words of praise for a GOOD idea that stumbled into the old e.politics bunker this week: the DNC’s “WhichMitt” website, a fun way to get across the idea that Mitt Romney may have changed his mind a time or two over the years.

The site follows the ever-popular quiz format, presenting you with two possible-but-contradictory Mitt Romney quotes at a time and asking you to choose which one the presumed Republican presidential front-runner actually said. Surprise! In each case he said both, which the site proves with video evidence. Nice work all around — though a simple idea, it’s well executed (example: you can either take the quiz in order or skip directly to all the answers, a user-friendly touch). It works particularly well because it reinforces an impression voters and the political commentariat already have of Romney, that he might lack a certain amount of political consistency (i.e, his ideological compass is perpetually set on “spin”).

And Loyal Readers, please note — conservative online ideas may have fared poorly here earier today while a Democratic one received praise above, but that’s no sign that will be going easy on the Left in the coming months. I’m on the liberal side myself, but bad ideas come from all directions, and this site is firmly on the side of equal-opportunity ridicule. E.pol sez, bring it on.


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