Repubs, Latinos and Redistricting — Some Hope for Dems Down the Road?

So the new Census numbers are out, and the Rs look to benefit mightily. One of the most revealing takes was Dave Weigel’s breakdown of the states destined to gain Congressional seats vs. the party in control of the redistricting process — not so pretty for Dems.

At least for now. But remember, the Sun Belt states that gained population are doing so in part because of an increase in the number of people of Hispanic descent living within their borders, which may portend a political change down the road. As more Latinos move to Texas, Arizona, Florida, Nevada and similar states, the entire electoral math may shift, particularly if Republicans keep doing things like killing the DREAM Act — seats that are comfortably Republican after this year’s round of redistricting may be much more competitive a few years down the road. But that’s cold comfort for Democrats today — and don’t say you weren’t warned, again and again.


Written by
Colin Delany
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