Colin Delany February 5, 2008

Event: What Comes Next? Super Tuesday and the Road to the White House

IPDI’s hosting what promises to be an excellent event on Thursday; announcement below. And Politics Online is only a month away. More on that shortly.

What Comes Next? Super Tuesday and the Road to the White House

How has this primary session challenged and confirmed the expectations of pollsters, political analysts, and the media? How has technology shaped the way the primaries will unfold? Did Super Tuesday change the political game? Join our panel of politicos, journalists, and bloggers as they share their analysis of the primary season and their predictions for the conventions and general election.

Thursday, February 7, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
The Jack Morton Auditorium
First Floor
GW’s Media and Public Affairs Building
805 21st Street, NW (Corner of 21st and H Streets)
Washington, DC 20052


  • Mike Allen — Politico
  • Ana Marie Cox — Washington Editor,
  • Charles Ellison —
  • Frank Greer — Founding Partner, GMMB
  • Mark McKinnon — Vice Chairman of Public Strategies and President of Maverick Media
  • Maya Rockeymoore — Global Policy Solutions

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  1. Shimrit

    The African-American vote has become a major focus during this national election with the presence of the first serious black contender, Barack Obama. Black voters are largely choosing between Obama and Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton, affectionately known as the “first black president.” Of those interviewed in Oakland, the vote leaned heavily on Barack Obama and no one voted Republican.

    Check out the UC Berkeley’s J-School Multimedia project (still updating)

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