Google’s War Room for the Home Stretch of Campaign 2010

One takeaway from today’s AMP Summit sessions so far — Google has seen such a surge of election-related online advertising that the company’s actually established a “war room” for the remaining weeks of the 2010 campaign. The goal is to be able to approve political ads 24 hours per day, knowing that campaigns will be flooding the system with new and amended buys. In fact, in the final days they’ll be pulling people in from other sections of the company’s ad practice to help. It’s just one measure of the extent to which online advertising has become a mainstream tactice for political campaigns, plus a nice profit center for Google.

Regardless of the up-staffing, political advertisers on Google and Facebook should get their requests in as early as possible — you don’t want your opponents’ ads dominating because yours are sitting in an approval queue. Buy early, buy often….


Written by
Colin Delany
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