Sad Times in the E.politics Bunker

A lot of things have been looking up in the e.politics world lately — interesting day job and fascinating trips abroad, for a start — but there has been one dark cloud in the bunker in recent weeks. You see, the site has lost a family member, one whose work was entirely behind the scenes but whose contribution was constant. Here’s what happened: the cat died, and it was a real bummer.

Kitty was 15 years old and had lived with me for 14 of them, and despite her age she still excelled at her favorite sports — sleeping and napping. So it’s only fitting that she seems to have breathed her last while snoozing one morning back in late March, probably pretty soon after I left for work (when I left she was dozing in the sun in the window, and I found her stretched out behind the couch). It wasn’t a complete surprise, since she’d been slowing down the last couple of years, but I was still a wreck — overall, a dead cat is not the most fun thing to come home to.

But when she died, Kitty was in a place she loved and doing the thing she did best, which is not a bad way to go. It was hard for me to write for a while, without her in my lap…we let these creatures into our lives, but they just don’t last as long as we do. She was a damn good cat, and I hope I did right by her. And that she forgave me for turning her into a lolcat.


Written by
Colin Delany
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