Colin Delany January 31, 2007

Times Up, Post Down, Newspaper Blogs Surge

Interesting Nielsen results for newspaper sites in a Huffington Post piece by Blake Fleetwood: The NY Times is well ahead of the Washington Post, something that surprises me, considering that the Times has blocked access to many stories for non-subscribers and the Post has been very aggressive in adopting social media techniques to build an audience. The Post is down 2% over the last year, while Times readership is up over 20%. Significantly, newspaper blog traffic is up 210%, though it still seems to be below 10% of the total traffic to the newspaper sites. The article also looks at the gender imbalance in the overall news site audience (more men than women go to news/opinion sites) and lists the top (U.S.) online news sites. Well worth checking out for anyone trying to get pickup in media outlets online.


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