Colin Delany December 28, 2009

Housekeeping: A Subtle Site Design Change

If you’re reading this via rather than through your favorite RSS reader, you might notice a slight change: we’re now about 25% wider. In the 3.5 years since E.pol’s initial launch, the proliferation of big flat-screen monitors has changed the prevailing standards and allowed sites to spread out sideways, just like certain online authors if they don’t hit the gym often enough. E.pol has lagged a little behind the times, but no more — the results of an early New Year’s resolution.

The actual expansion wasn’t too complicated, requiring a rebuild of the top banner and some changes to the stylesheets, but let me know if you see any bugs I missed. Let’s hope the coming year’s other resolutions go as easily.



  1. cpd

    Thanks man! I’m going to keep tinkering with the details, so let me know if you see anything that explodes and stays that way.

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