A Bargain at Any Price: A Sample Online Outreach Plan

It’s Christmas in June! One of those common requests that floats around the email lists is, “does anybody have a copy of a sample _______ that I can take a look at?” Maybe it’s a contract, maybe it’s specification or a bid, but it’s usually something the sender has never written before and could really benefit from seeing a template of.

So, one of the pieces of the project I was working on this week (which is different from the project I was working on LAST week) was to put together a quick online advocacy strategy overview for a website I’m designing and spec’ing out (another company is building it in Drupal). It’s a two-page summary of conclusions from phone and email conversations that I’ve had with the client, and parts of it are specific to this organization’s resources and orientation.

Though it’s short, it might be a good enough model to help someone out there who has to plan an online outreach campaign but who’s completely lost about where to begin (hint: start with what you want to happen in the real world). At the client’s request, it also outlines a sequence in time as well as the usual list of tools, with check-in points after one month, three months, six months and a year.

Here’s the plan as a PDF; note that I pulled out any references to the organization or the issue along with some other random words, which gives it that timeless Mad Lib feel (particularly in the paragraph about online video…). If it helps, let me know. And if you need help putting it into practice, I got just the guy to help you out….


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