Twitter Op-Ed Published on the McClatchy Wire

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson after the last couple of Twitter frenzies, but what the heck — let’s dive right back into those shark-infested intellectual waters.

So here’s the scoop: the opinion editors at the McClatchy newspaper chain have accepted and just published an op-ed column about Twitter and journalism and politics that I wrote with a little help from some friends. Actually, with a lot more than a little help from some friends, since without long-time reader, occasional contributor and friend-of-the-site Burt Edwards the piece wouldn’t exist at all. First, he spotted the opportunity for a Twitter op-ed in the marketplace of ideas, convinced me to write one and helped beat the results into usable shape. Then, he and a colleague launched the little bird that landed it at McClatchy. Now THAT’S a friend.

So, welcome new readers of McClatchy papers and websites, and check out the articles below for more from e.politics about Twitter. Or, try the ongoing series detailing Obama’s online campaign in 2008 if you’re more into the political side of things. And of course, there’s always the Twitter itself to keep us together.


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Colin Delany
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