Friday’s Online Advertising Discussion is Live on C-Span

Bummed that you couldn’t make it to Friday’s IAB-sponsored online political advertising discussion? Never fear, C-Span’s camera was On The Scene — you can relive the magic here (direct link to the video player).

The first 25 minutes are a one-on-one between IAB’s Mike Zaneis and panel moderator (and new author) Kate Kaye, with the remaining hour a panel discussion free-for-all featuring Kate, e.politics, MSHC Partners’ (and the Obama campaign’s) Emily Williams and CampaignGrid’s Jeff Dittus. Note that the C-Span site will let you buy your own copy of the show on DVD for the low low price of $29.95; makes a Terrific Christmas Gift. Update: see also event coverage from Update II: more coverage, this time from SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Social Media.


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Colin Delany
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