I Bet We’re Going to be Seeing a Lot More Videos Like This One…

Update: More online Palin-related satire.

Somebody left the following video critique of the Republican vice-presidential pick as a link on the tPrez version of the Sarah Palin is Your New Segway article, so let’s reward a likely act of blatant self-promotion by watching it. And we’re gonna watch not because it’s a pretty good political hit job (it is), not because it steals a good song (“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”), and not because it’s always fun to watch politicos get blown up by their own words (particularly when it’s Rove, Dobson, et al.).

We’re gonna watch because this guy can do what the Daily Show does, and so can a few million of the rest of us. Distributed satire equals people power! Bullshit is a powerful enemy well dug in, but by allowing the widespread creation and easy distribution of unfiltered content, the internet creates what may be a weapon of (political) mass destruction. Or, maybe I’m just being optimistic for once.


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Colin Delany
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