My First Joomla Site

Well, it’s been an interesting last couple of weeks — while in the midst of a full-on conference frenzy, I’ve also been designing, building and (finally) launching a brand-new advocacy site, the first I’ve tried to build using the Joomla content management system. It’s alive! The Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development is a coalition site aimed at hunting and fishing groups in the Rocky Mountains, trying to get the groups signed on to good energy-development practices in the Mountain West. The site’s quite simple and a CMS like Joomla is almost overkill, but it makes the thing very easy to maintain, which I hope will help the campaign use it as an actual communications tool — over the years, I’ve seen too many of these things essentially sit on a shelf once built.

The process was definitely fun — in the few days between traveling for SXSW Interactive and Nonprofit Technology, I learned the essentials of both CSS page layout and Joomla templating, which I do not recommend doing at the same time unless you’re really into teeth-grinding frustration. But everything’s worked out fine and the client’s happy, so cha-ching! and we don’t have to eat the cat THIS month. BTW, Joomla and CSS purists will note that I cheated in a couple of places if they view source on the site (image map? what image map?), but what is a rule if it can’t be broken?


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Colin Delany
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  • Your title (html tagged title) on the home page has a typo:

    “SportsmenT” rather than


  • Well done, I like your site. You definitely do not need to underplay your skills. I doubt I produced anything close to this the first time I designed a site. Another resource which is to help you learn about further aspects of Joomla! is Its free which always helps and it walks you through some of the stuff step by step. You really do exceptional work , keep it up!

  • Congrats Colin – nicely done.

    Even if it seems like overkill, now that you have overcome the worst of the learning curve I think you’ll find Joomla a nice tool in your kit.

    And bah on purists – what matters is a site that works for the organization and withstands the browsers we are stuck with. Especially in content areas, tables are often needed since admins at organizations don’t usually have HTML/CSS skills or the time to learn them.