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With the long weekend and a relative lull in the presidential primary season, the political world seems to be catching its breath for a moment (it must be quiet for a story like the Obama/Patrick “plagiarism” affair to get as much attention as it has). Time for a little e.politics late-winter cleaning, and also a chance to catch up on some recent developments on the site. First, two milestones: the good news is that over the past couple of weeks, e.politics has consistently had over 500 RSS subscribers on an average weekday for the first time. Yay, readers! Thanks for sticking around. The less-good news: on Sunday, the site received its 300,000th spam comment, which was about as welcome as a skunk at a picnic.

As for the site cleanup, we now have an updated list of Highlights to the right — articles for which I have a soft spot in my heart, and a feature that came down a couple of weeks ago because it was gettin’ long in the tooth. Now, it’s back and no longer six months out of date. Next up, and here’s where you can help, is the blogroll, that long list of links below the RSS button. It also hasn’t been updated since at least last summer, and not only have several of the sites gone dark, I’m also missing good new ones. Want to suggest some additions? Email me or (even better) leave them as a comment below for everyone to see. After the links are fixed, next it’s time to rewrite Online Politics 101 — just a few things have happened in the world of online advocacy since September of 2006.


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  • Hi Colin,

    Thanks for the update. I’ve set epolitics as my default homepage instead of RSS so I wake up to coffee, my cat and epolitics every morning.

    Keep up the great work!