Super Obama Girl Vanquishes All Rivals

Hey kids! E.politics is running a bit behind these days, but there’s nothing like 70s-funk theme song to restart a publishing groove. Obama Girl is back, this time with superpowers and backup singers (“she’s wonky/so funky”), and kudos to the Barely Political folks for bringing her to us in fine style. Nice commercial, too.

Update: Another powerful Obama video remix, this one consciously anthemic in scope. Warming: sincerity ahead. (Thanks to Katrin Verclas for the tip). This is the genius of an age of citizen creativity! People can make their own case for a candidate in their own way, and if it finds an audience, they’ve done their job. How can campaigns help them do it?

Update, Pt II: Garance Franke-Ruta has details on the song, plus Deadheads for Obama (save us) and more.


Written by
Colin Delany
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