Online Video’s Place in the Obama/Deval Patrick Plagiarism “Scandal”

My old NET colleague John Anthony (who’s soon off to a new gig at the U.N. Foundation) writes in today to note an online aspect to the current Democratic “scandal” — to back up her claim that Barack Obama plagiarized Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has emailed political reporters a link to a YouTube video that shows speeches by the two side-by-side:

The version above was added on Monday by a new YouTube user named Chris07, to whom I’ve sent a message asking if he’s a random citizen or somehow connected with the Clinton campaign. For more, including video of Obama’s response, see this Chicago Sun-Times blog post. Also check out Peter Slevin’s look at long-running Obama/Patrick language-sharing from The Trail. Update: c.f. The “plagiarism” problem.

While we’re on the subject of video, John also points out an ABC News collection of citizen-generated viral political pieces, which is a little hyped-up but does include a lot of our old favorites. To see for yourself, scroll down to February 18 and click on the “Political Viral Videos” link.


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