Video: “I Got a Crush on Obama”

This one’s all over the place today, and for good reason — it’s sheer genius. Barak Obama has a new fan, and she’s willing to use every weapon available to get his attention. Check out these soon-to-be-classic lyrics:

You’re into border security
Let’s break this border between you and me

Universal health care reform
It maaaaaaaaaaakes me warm…

Oh, my. See for yourself:

Kate Phillips has more details at The Caucus. I gotta tell ya, politics in the age of citizen media is going to be fun as hell — what’s next? Thanks to Burt Edwards for the tip-off.

Update: Two good techPresident pieces about the video:


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Colin Delany
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  • Brilliant. I can’t decide if she’s promoting herself or her product (those t-shirts) and using what she rightly imagines will be hits she’ll get from his supporters, or if she’s a supporter who’s using her image to make being an Obama fan seem cool. Either way, things are getting interesting.