Democrats for Mitt in Michigan, The Video Edition

Garance Franke-Ruta wrote up a genius new bit of citizen activism in The Trail last night: a self-described “dude you’ve never heard of” named Andy Cobb has posted a video on YouTube laying out the case for Democrats crossing over and voting for Mitt Romney in the Michigan Republican primary. Noting that “There is no greater voice against Republican candidates than this Republican candidate,” the filmmaker argues that a carefully considered vote for Romney can “keep this circular firing squad of jerkos alive.” It’s damn clever and at least as well-written and well-edited as any online video produced by the campaigns themselves:

For all the talk of using the web to bring citizens into the presidential debates and such, this is one of the REAL ways average people are getting heard — they’re creating something compelling and/or funny and putting it out there for the world to see. Get some blog pickup and a mainstream media mention or two, and all of a sudden you might just have thousands of people paying attention to what you say.


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Colin Delany
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