Happy Birthday E.politics!

Happy Birthday

It almost sneaked up and caught me unawares, but guess what: e.politics launched one year ago today. Happy Birthday to us! Some of you have been regular readers from the very beginning (note: you need a new hobby) and some of you are new to the fun, but I’m damn glad to have all of you along for the ride. Really, I can’t tell you what a blast it’s been writing this site and getting to know a bunch of you kids over the last 12 months.

Goals for the next year? Let’s go for the usual: world conquest, adoring groupies, and lots of time for all e.pol contributors and commentors to recline on a couch and be fed grapes. To recharge for the march ahead, I’ve taken the last few days off from writing, but be warned: more e.politics is right around the corner. In the meantime, let’s look at the numbers, last updated four months into the life of the site:

Current Average Number of Site Readers Per Weekday: [Who knows? Stats are voodoo.]
Number of RSS subscribers: ~330
Number of Online Politics 101 PDF Downloads: 6910
Number of Daily Articles Published (including this one): 379
Number of Comments Left by Thoughtful Readers: 259
Number of Spam Comments Submitted by Evil Robots: 131,045
Number of Articles Published that Gratuitously Reference Pornography: [Our numbering system is insufficient to meet the challenge]
Panel Discussions/Speaking Gigs to which this Site has Led: 5
Number of Dates on which I’ve Been Asked because of this Site: [Officially: Classified. Unofficially: You couldn’t HANDLE the truth.]
Amount of Fun I’ve Had Writing for this Site: Incalculable

It’s been a hoot and a half so far, kids — thanks for being a part of it. And remember, if you’ve been reading this long, it’s about time you wrote something. Drop me a note and let’s chat.


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  • Congratulations!! Does the 325 readers per weekday include all the times you reread your own stuff? Ha. I can’t believe the number of dates because of the site is so low. Are you telling me that chicks aren’t all over guys that write about “new techie widgets for optimizing social response to social issues?”. They don’t know what they are missing…

    Best of luck in your next year. It looks like you’re gonna have lots to write about during the upcoming political freakshow.


    Editor’s note: Dr. John Timothy Elliott, Ph.D, biophysicist and lighting artist extraordinaire, is a founding member of Burning Sensation and was last seen on these pages in March, when he wrote about the Department of Homeland Security using Second Life. If you’re confused about his comment above, so is he — I think he mixed up the numbers from last November and now. Such a nice boy, though, and good to his mother.

  • Congratulations! It’s nearly Solidariti’s first birthday too, I’ll have to remember to do a similar post when my turn comes around 🙂