E.politics Turns Four! (Months, That Is)

Yes, e.politics launched on July 17th of this past summer, a date so far back in time that dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Republicans ran the country. In honor of the occasion, let’s go to the numbers, Harper’s Index-style:

Current Average Number of Site Readers Per Weekday: ~325
Number of RSS subscribers: ~75
Number of Online Politics 101 PDF Downloads: 3010
Number of Daily Articles Published (including this one): 148
Total Number of Articles Published that Reference Porn: At least 4 (and counting)
Print Publications I’ve Been Asked to Contribute To Because of this Site: 2
Panel Discussions I’ve Been Asked to Join to Because of this Site: 1
Number of Dates I’ve Been Asked On Because of this Site: 0 (c’mon folks, get with the program!)
Amount of Fun I’ve Had Writing for this Site: Incalculable

It’s been a hell of a ride so far, kids — thanks for being a part of it. And remember, any time you want to suggest a link or even write an article, just drop me a note.


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Colin Delany
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