Lots of Online Talk about the 2008 Presidential Candidates

Quite a few folks have been writing about the 2008 candidates online in the past week, with the bulk of the attention focusing on Hillary Clinton. Though Hotline writes about good Alexa numbers for her website, most of the coverage has been critical of a strategy seen as cautious and conventional. Personal Democracy Forum, for instance, has two skeptical articles, Controlled by Control (no free-wheeling social media effort here) and Clinton Ahead of the Pack? (apparently, no). Beltway Blogroll jumps in as well, talking about her carefully scripted online chats. Bloggers and online-politics smarty-pants aren’t all that Hillary has to worry about, though, with Air Congress reporting on a Swift-boating attempt using online video.

In other notable stories about the candidates, Hotline also reports on strong facebook support for Obama (159,000 members in his Facebook group) and MediaShift takes another look at the presidential hopefuls’ blog ads. Update: don’t miss Cristen Perks’ Presidential 2.008 Site Analysis and two articles from the Bivings Report that I linked to on January 18th.


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Colin Delany
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