Presidential Candidates Meet Pro Wresting Tonight: Hillary’s “A Scrapper”

Quick news from the world of pro wrestling: my near-namesake Colin Delaney has weighed in on the Democratic primary, and the results may be a surprise. On the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, Clinton, Obama and McCain will ALL appear on World Wrestling Entertainment’s RAW to make their cases before an audience of five million sports/entertainment fans. Alas, they’ll be on tape, so we won’t see a tag-team deathmatch (which would no doubt be less painful than much of the campaign so far), but that didn’t stop young Mr. Delaney from giving his estimate of the winner: “I don’t even want to venture a guess who would come out on top, probably Hillary. She seems like a scrapper. Yeah, definitely Hillary. She’d probably kick my ass, that’s not saying much, but I’m sure she could.” Watch out, my friend — Obama’s got reach (as long as he doesn’t roll a gutter ball) and I guarantee that John McCain can take a hit and keep on going.

All jokes aside, it’s fascinating to see politics get nichier and nichier. Though as the WWE article points out, RAW is the “number one weekly year round show on cable.” Media fragmentation, anyone?

Update: The Times has the candidates’ wresting videos and other details.


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