Comparing the Prospective 2008 Democratic Candidates Online

Sorry for the publishing hiatus — I’ve been finishing up an article for another website (yes, I’m cheating on you, but it’s with Idealware so it’s okay). Also, if you’re a subscriber to PoliticsOnline’s NetPulse newsletter (and you should be), you might have seen that the e.politics piece on the Macaca backstory got picked up for the December 6th edition’s Soundoff column. Woo hoo! We’re conquering the world, one website at a time — and just wait until that robot/kung fu army finishes training…

In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for non-imaginary potential world leaders, in this case the prospective 2008 Democratic presidential candidates. Todd Zeigler over at The Bivings Report has taken a look at what Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson have done online so far, and he uses the results to extrapolate what we might expect from them over the next two years, presuming that they stay in the running. Who knew that Obama is a leading political podcaster, and that he’s not just recycling speeches? Todd will have more profiles next week, but this first installment is worth checking out.


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Colin Delany
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