We’re Famous! (Kinda). And, Just Who ARE You People?

Well, maybe not exactly famous, but certainly featured: e.politics was highlighted yesterday over at PoliticsOnline — look for the Hot Sites section under Mike Krempasky’s Very Serious Guy photograph (Mike and I argued politics in jovial fashion at South by Southwest this year — nice article, man).

Anyway, the Hot Site mention clearly derives from this press release that I sent out on Tuesday and is an excellent example of the kind of niche publication pickup that a good press release can generate.

PoliticsOnline has been around forever and is widely read by political professionals, so this is obviously great placement for e.politics. Yay! For more promotional tactics, you know where to go.

Finally, where are all you new people coming from? Early on Thursday and continuing through Friday, this site started getting a big burst of traffic, more than double our normal number of visits, and I can’t figure out what’s causing it. The server stats don’t show any referring sites sending THAT many readers, and I’m also not seeing the kind of spike in traffic from web-based email programs (Yahoo Mail, etc.) that an email newsletter pickup usually causes.

Is it coming from a podcast or some other broadcast? Or, are my stats just missing something obvious? If you think you know the answer, can you email me?


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