Thanks to Evil Spammers, Comments Temporarily Off

Howdy, suffered a comment-spam attack today — so many bogus comments were coming in that the server threw a fit and I had to temporarily turn off the ability to comment on posts. Unfortunately, this also means that past, legitimate comments aren’t displaying, which is annoying because comments have really added to the value of a lot of articles on this site.

The hosting company’s switching me to a newer server and I’ll be upgrading the WordPress installation soon, so all of the wisdom you’ve added in the past should be returning. Mystifying all around — in this case, the spam comments were endlessly repetitive lists of links to what appeared to be Chinese-language e-commerce sites. The back-end spam filter caught all of them easily, and you have to wonder what possible value — SEO or otherwise — the sender would get from them. Regardless, they’re annoying, and they’ve forced us to disable the closest thing we have to a community discussion on this site. For now.

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Colin Delany
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