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Seven Years!

A small milestone slipped by unnoticed a week or two back: the seven-year anniversary of the launch of Wow! In that long-ago summer of 2006, George W. Bush was President, the Republicans controlled Congress, YouTube was a year old, “social networking” meant MySpace, and...

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Greetings from Bucharest!

Howdy folks, I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in lovely Bucharest, Romania, tinkering with a presentation slide deck for the umpteenth time (they’re never done). Conference season is clearly in full force, and this week I’m lucky enough to get to pop over to Europe for the...

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New Site Tagline?

Hi folks, along with the consulting business launch, I’m considering a new tagline for the site. It’s been “dissecting the craft of online political advocacy” since went live in its current incarnation in 2006, but I’m thinking of switching to either...

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