Time for Some Guest Articles: What’s Yours?

Howdy folks, it’s been months since we’ve run a guest article, and that needs to change. Why you holdin’ out on us, man? I KNOW you have something you’d like to write up and cast before your peers, there to earn you acclaim, love, adoration and the potential for sexual favors from random strangers. It’s a true fact! All this and more can be yours, just by writing for Epolitics.com like these fine people.

What’s appropriate? The basic rule: it’s got to be interesting to the internet-politics crowd, and it’s got to be new information, an original idea or a new take on an old one. Particularly valuable? Case studies, especially ones with hard numbers. Have you run an advocacy or electoral campaign that’s tried something interesting or new and you want to spread the word? Let me know. Also useful: tips and tricks. Big Idea pieces can be cool, especially if you’re willing to go out on a limb, but keep in mind restating conventional wisdom doesn’t move the dialog along unless you have a significantly new take. So let’s see what you all can come up with! Operators are standing by.


Written by
Colin Delany
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