Netroots Nation, Plus Some Articles Not to Miss

Pittsburgh beckons! I’ll be off to Netroots Nation shortly — our panel’s at 10:30 tomorrow morning, so swing on by if you’re in the neighborhood. But before I leave, here are a handful of stories from over the weekend that shouldn’t be allowed to slip by.

First, if you didn’t catch Sarah Palin’s actual Facebook note about Obama’s “Death Panels,” be sure to straight to the source. It’s hi-larious, unintentionally of course, and makes you wonder once again exactly what John McCain was thinking. It’s almost as funny as Slate’s take on Barack Obama’s Facebook news feed, their typically brilliant parody of the political zeigeist. But enjoy your Facebook, Twitter and all those other online apps while you can; it turns out that an attack on a single Georgian blogger can bring down the whole she-bang. A life w/o Twitter and Facebook? Western Civilization is Doomed!


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Colin Delany
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