Greetings from Netroots Nation

Netroots Nation

Hi folks, has temporarily relocated from our customary editorial bunker to downtown Detroit, home of Robocop and many other relics of a glorious past. Plus, Canada’s just across the river — a whole ‘nother country, with foreigners and such!

A few thousand of us are in town for Netroots Nation, one of my favorite events in the digital organizing world, where I’m already picking up ideas for articles and talking with potential guest authors. Of course, Netroots isn’t complete without big-name Democratic speakers these days, and Uncle Joe Biden is warming up for his speech as I write this. We’ve been trying to guess what topics will excite the most hecklers in an inherently iconoclastic crowd; so far the smart money is on immigrant deportations. Tomorrow, Elizabeth Warren will take the stage, and if wishes could work, this audience would teleport her to the White House through a collective exercise of will.

Time’s always tight at a schmoozefest like Netroots, so publishing’s likely to lag a bit over the next couple of days. But we already have guest articles in the queue, ready for you to snap up like the delicious snacks they are. And, more ideas come in every week! So, when are YOU going to write an article and toss it out for the edification of your peers? You’ll never know the glories that could be yours until you do. It starts right here: email with an idea or an outline. Remember, Fortune favors the bold.


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