‘Art of Political Campaigning’ Tomorrow, then Netroots Nation

Hi folks, conference season is sprinting right along, with a few events still on the calendar before the midsummer lull. Tomorrow, for instance, I’ll be part of a 9 AM (ouch) discussion at C&E magazine’s annual “Art of Political Campaigning” session, which this year is a full-on three-day whirlwind of political trainings. Good stuff! The next day, it’s off to Netroots Nation, where I get to take a ton of notes in plenty of sessions full of people who know what the hell they’re talking about (even more good stuff). Look for more than one article here springing from new knowledge gained there.

So I’ll see you if you’re at either event (alas, neither is in Bucharest…), and in the meantime, think about that Epolitics.com guest article you’ve been burning to write.


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Colin Delany
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