Back from Netroots Nation, with a HuffPo Video of Our Thursday Event

Whew, that was one hell of a long weekend, full of panels, presentations and parties — good thing I’m a trained schmoozer, ’cause this was no place for amateurs. One highlight of the trip? Our Left Meets Right/Right Meets Left Happy Hour with a few folks from Right Online, the [cough] smaller [cough] conservative echo of Netroots. Andrew Breitbart didn’t make it for the free drinks, but a HuffingtonPost reporter and videographer did, and they edited together their attendee interviews into the epic film below. Note that I and my fine orange polyester shirt get to open and close the video, and I’d also like to point out that the not EVERY Lefty skimped on the tip (some of us used to wait tables). Plus, we got a shout-out in the Post! Wish you were there….

More from Netroots soon — I took copious notes.


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Colin Delany
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