Happy Birthday E.politics!

July 21st, 2008

Happy Birthday

Amidst all the excitement (and booze and Ladies) in Austin, I completely forgot that July 17th was the two-year anniversary of the launch of e.politics. Remember 2006? When dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Republicans ruled the Congress? I even had a job then! (Crazy talk, I know).

Goals for the next year? Same as for the last year: world conquest, adoring groupies and lots of time for all e.pol contributors and commentors to recline on a couch and be fed grapes. Plenty else has changed in just the past 12 months, though, so let’s take a look at the updated numbers:

Current Average Number of Site Readers Per Weekday: 750-1000 [but who really knows? Stats are voodoo]
Number of RSS subscribers: ~650
Twitter “Friends” of E.politics: 161
Number of Online Politics 101 PDF Downloads: 18,306 [incl. 4679 of the new version 1.5]
Number of Daily Articles Published (including this one): 720
Number of Comments Left by Thoughtful Readers: 566
Number of Spam Comments Submitted by Evil Robots: 456,645
Number of Articles Published that Gratuitously Reference Pornography: [Our numbering system remains insufficient to meet the challenge]
Panel Discussions/Speaking Gigs to which this Site has Led: at least 17
Number of “Dates” on which I’ve Been “Asked” because of this Site: [Officially: Remains Classified. Unofficially: Yowza!]
Amount of Fun I’ve Had Writing for this Site: Incalculable

It’s been a hoot and a half, kids — thanks for being a part of it. And remember, if you’ve read this far down the page, isn’t it about time you wrote something? Drop me a note and let’s chat.


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  • 1. Jordan Viator  |  July 21st, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Congrats on the 2-year milestone! As an already-adoring ePolitics groupie, I’m looking forward to your world conquest and, of course, plenty of grapes in 2009…

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