Winning at Veepstakes Bingo: Jim Webb Answers a Very Special Personal Ad

May 18th, 2008

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At the exact instant I opened this email from him, Jim Webb came on the radio, leaving only one obvious question: is a two-fer good enough for “BINGO” in the veepstakes stature game?

On NPR Friday, the Junior Senator from Virginia deflected talk about the Vice Presidency by shifting discussion to the good he could do on the serious issues of the day if he stays where he is. In the process, he compared his preferred style of public service to that of the late J. Patrick Moynihan. The eerily concurrent email message, the first from the Born Fighting Political Action Committee in almost two months, provides a handy cheat sheet to Senator Webb’s Completely Inadvertent Weekend o’ Media Exposure:

Over the next several days, Senator Jim Webb will appear on a number of TV and radio programs discussing the critical issues facing our nation.

    Sunday, May 18: Meet the Press (NBC)
    Monday, May 19: CBS Early Morning
    Monday, May 19: Fresh Air (NPR)
    Monday, May 19: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)
    Tuesday, May 20: Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC)
    Tuesday, May 20: Lou Dobbs (CNN)

Check your local listings for the airtime and station broadcasting each show. We hope you can tune in. Thank you for your continued support of Born Fighting PAC.

Oh no, he’s just a politically and intellectually ambitious border-state politician and author with a military background, a dollop of good-ole-boy cred and a son who’s served in Iraq. Why would he possibly want to draw attention to himself in May of 2008? Update! Wait: Could it be that he’s circled a certain very special personal ad?

“ISO rough-hewn MWM/MWF for ticket-sharing and mutual-career-boosting. You: able to offset my key weakness among Southern white voters while also providing welcome government and/or policy experience. Bipartisan bonus points for past service in a Republican administration. Me: serious, reliable, charismatic Midwestern type with a sparkle in my eye, an excellent sense of timing and a mean jump shot. Reply to #3464 to leave a message for Barry.”

Can’t wait to hear more from these star-crossed lovers!


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