Four Things to Watch in the MidTerms

Sometimes, four is the magic number

Hi folks, the first thing I’ll be watching in the midterm elections is how well the mass of digital ads I’m about to launch will perform. Michigan, Ohio and Illinois voters, get ready.

But this year’s elections should help answer less parochial questions, several of which I examined in my most recent Campaigns & Elections column. The big one, of course? Who turns out. Will women and younger voters go to the polls in force, angry over abortion or buoyed by movement on climate change and student loans? For the Republicans, will the ‘burbs come home? And with Trump absent from the ballot, will the MAGA die-hards sit this one out, as many did in 2018?

On a more technical note, which media mixes seem to have worked best? Many of us are struggling with the decision to Which outreach channels do or don’t live up to the hype, at least when it comes to cost-effectiveness? (Looking at you, OTT.) Which new or updated organizing tools live up to the challenge? And from the all-important fundraising world, will Republican small-dollar donors start opening their wallets in earnest?

Check out the piece for all this and more. Then, back to work.


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Colin Delany
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