Will Socially Isolated Voters Be Hungry to Talk with Campaigns? [Video]

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Yesterday I chatted with Gray TV’s Jillian Angeline about the Arizona Senate race and voter turnout, and a point I raised made it into the final segment. While many voters will be reluctant to open their doors to campaign volunteers in a pandemic, and campaigns themselves reluctant to ask them to canvass, other people may be hungry to talk with a human on the phone or via text. Will campaign contact rates actually go UP during social distancing? Let’s go to the tape:

One quick takeaway: I had about an hour to prepare, which was long enough to shave and find a shirt with buttons but not long enough to experiment with lighting more fit for Zoom calls than for a TV interview. Jillian suggested getting a ring light, which is now on my shopping list. You never know who might next come calling!

For more on pandemic-inspired campaign tactics that might become a permanent part of our political lives, see last week’s Campaigns & Elections column.


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