Small-Dollar Digital Donations in the Democratic Presidential Race [Interview]

Digital Politics Radio

Hi folks, I went on Karen Jagoda’s Digital Politics Radio show a few days back, and in an action-packed sixteen-minute session, we talked about:

  • Democratic debate/advertising strategies
  • Financial dangers of fishing for donors in a small pond (see: Tom Steyer)
  • Pattern of small-dollar donations in the primary, and when it will change
  • The need for presidential campaigns to start locking down support of people considering more than one candidate
  • The chance that the Democratic nomination may be wrapped up sooner than we think
  • The chance that small-dollar donors could be all a campaign needs
  • Donations as an investment in a campaign
  • Email: the deliverability crisis and the dangers of bad practices
  • The right way to use a purchased email list

And more! Head over to the Digital Politics Radio site and give it a listen. While you’re there, be sure to check out more episodes! Karen has great guests every week.


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Colin Delany
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