Political Ethics: A Practical Issue, Not Just a Moral One

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Voters usually think about ethics in moral terms: is this candidate or official a good person or not? Are they going to look after people like me or someone who’s given them money? Can I trust them to make good decisions?

Ask a voter, and she or he isn’t likely to name “ethics” as a major character trait for most political consultants. But even those in the political community most willing to work on the shady side should understand that the voters may punish their candidates if they get caught. For consultants working to elect people to office, ethics has a highly practical side.

Shane Greer of Campaigns & Elections and I talked about this question at length at February’s Reed Awards, as you’ll see in the video below. We started with a conversation about “snackable” vs. long-form content, and look for more about that soon. In the meantime, check out the conversation. Note that it’s clearly time for a certain writer to lose those 20 pounds he’s been talking about….


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