The Best Takedown in Town & Other Political Social Media News [December Edition]

Cats understand fame

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What am I thinking about?

I’m starting to think about social media strategies for 2019 and 2020. Some of my early thoughts include:

  • Increased importance of social listening for real time messaging and response
  • Staffing up – we are going to need so many more digital staffers than we currently have. So in 2019, we’ll be doing not one, not two but three different digital organizing bootcamps for three different and important target audiences – watch this space for dates and applications in our Jan 2 newsletter
  • Authenticity and the need for it aren’t going away, but given that we are getting more socially savvy candidates for office, what is the line between candidate and staff in running social and social strategy

What are you thinking about?


Back by popular demand: Social Media for Executive Directors and Managers

What I’m Reading

Platform Updates


  • Big Algorithm Update: Disincentivizing Controversial Content– It remains to be seen how this is going to affect political content but I don’t doubt that it will
  • Now fully launched: Watch Party! (Remember all the house party events where you could dial in to a conference call with a “celebrity”…now you can do that via Facebook Live using a Watch Party or even just watch a video with friends across time zones in a Facebook Group)



  • “Ad Pods” – two back to back skippable ads are being tested now

Don’t Try This at Home

Winning the Internet

I don’t usually include images in this newsletter but this one is so fresh that it hasn’t hit the press yet and was the biggest win of the month imho:

First Lindsey Graham opens his big mouth:

Then the Auschwitz Museum proves itself to be a master of shade:

[Ed note: Wowzers! Nice takedown.]

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