Tom Steyer Just Spammed Me. Let’s Help Him Spend His Money Better.

Tom Steyer can find better ways to spend his money

Tom Steyer likes me. He really does! He likes me so much that he emailed me out of the blue late yesterday afternoon:

Subject: Live from Times Square: IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP

If you happened to be walking around Times Square today, like countless Americans do every day, you may have noticed something:

A brand new Need To Impeach digital billboard, featuring a map and a running count of the 2.5 million Americans (and growing by the second!) who have already signed our petition to impeach Donald Trump.

We launched this billboard in Times Square for a simple reason: The American people, Congress, and President Trump himself need to see the nationwide strength of our movement.

So we’re making a splash that millions of people will see — and we hope you’ll share it far and wide, so folks who aren’t walking around Times Square can see it, too.

The email goes on to include a link to share a Facebook video, and with Steyer footing the bill, his campaign sees no need to ask me for money…this time.

Of course, I never signed up for his “Need to Impeach” email list, making this message a classic example of political spam via a purchased (or swapped) list. We’re written before about campaigns’ addiction to list-buying and the ill effects it can have, plus some best practices for carrying out an EFFECTIVE list swap with another organization in your field. NOT a best practice? Cold-emailing people who haven’t opted-in to your list, which is likely to prompt a blizzard of spam complaints and a guarantee that few of your future messages will arrive in the inbox.

Steyer’s apparently planning to spend at least $20 million to promote his Trump impeachment drive, much to the annoyance of Democratic politicos and most anyone else who opposes Trump and has a basic political memory. How’d that Clinton impeachment work out? Let’s hear it for that Scott Walker recall, folks! Not even the timing’s good: why bring up impeachment when Mueller’s probe seems likely to do the job for us?

Meanwhile, the Republicans are ramming through a tax bill that threatens America’s economy (and the world’s) for the benefit of a vanishingly small number of extremely wealthy people. In these times, don’t you think Steyer could find better ways spend $20,000,000? Let’s help him, via these convenient, pre-packaged Tweets. For those of you scoring at home (and we hope you are), add your own examples using the hashtags #SpendSteyersMoney & #BetterSteyerCash. Play early, play often!

Tom Steyer: $20,000,000 could paper the equivalent of 40 football fields with $1 bills. Let's paint the town green! #SpendSteyersMoney #BetterSteyerCash Click To Tweet
Tom Steyer: $20,000,000 could pay for a $2500 digital training (incl travel) for 8000 individual state legislative campaigns. #SpendSteyersMoney #BetterSteyerCash Click To Tweet
Tom Steyer: Instead of impeachment ads, how about spending $20,000,000 to buy $5000 of online ads...for 4000 individual state legislative candidates. #SpendSteyersMoney #BetterSteyerCash Click To Tweet
Tom Steyer: $20,000,000 would support at least 200 paid field organizers in crucial congressional districts for an entire year (assuming 100k per head for pay & expenses). #SpendSteyersMoney #BetterSteyerCash Click To Tweet
Tom Steyer: Reclaim the title of world's tallest building for the USA with a 7160-foot stack of $1 bills. Take THAT, Burj Khalifa! #SpendSteyersMoney #BetterSteyerCash Click To Tweet


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