The Real Hero of Trump’s Phoenix Rally? The ‘BlacksForTrump2020’ Guy


If you caught Donald Trump’s Phoenix rally tonight, have a stiff drink — I think we could all use one. The speech itself was a parade of lies, distortions, omissions and outright madness, though I will point out that the President didn’t seem that much different to me than candidate Trump in 2015. CNN, where was your outrage THEN?

Let’s focus on the rally’s REAL winner, though, the guy right over Trump’s shoulder who held up the “” sign repeatedly and with vigor. The rally organizers surely chose the people they put in the news cameras’ line of site with care, and no doubt they thought a black man’s support of Trump was the perfect thing to highlight, given that whole Charlottesville thing. But did they actually GO to his website first?

Whether they did or not, you should — NOW. The first page gives little hint of what’s to follow; fact it’s kind of charming, in a late-90s Geocities sort of way.


BUT! Just follow the “click here to enter” link to find yourself in exactly the kind of place you’d hope for, a land of fiendish, fevered obsession. Let’s try a little taste:


Yes folks, the Cherokees. Are. Hidden Babylonians. Now we are TALKING! And talk the writer does, in endless paragraphs filled with even more true gems like this:

5)Slavs are Canaanites & are not Slavic/Slovenian Gentiles like our wonderful 1st lady Malania Trump. Slavs hate Slovians!

Slav are different from Slovenians. Slavs are White Canaanites & can’t Suntan & Slovenians are white European Gentiles the children of God Slavic people who can Suntan

ISIS, East Indian & Cherokee’s Plot to Kill the White & Black Women of America! yes I said CHEROKEE! Click button to read whole Truth with proof

Indeed, with proof! Needless to say, this goes on. And on. And on and on, whether you come from or from, the URL on our hero’s t-shirt. Needless to say, it’s not exactly on-message for a rally held by a typical President of the United States of America. Needless to say, I saved a copy of the whole damn page (and it IS all one page), in case it happens to go away some sad day. [Update: a little background from Adam K. Raymond in 2016. Guess what: someone used to be in a cult…and thinks Obama’s the devil.]

Unhinged? Sure! But not much more than the man who occupies the White House. Sleep tight!


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