Half of Video Views Will Be on Mobile Devices in 2016

Promoting digital video

The mobile video future is now! The people who make estimates have estimated that half of all views of online videos in 2016 will be on smart phones or tablets. The most recent edition of Technology Bytes asks us to think about the implications for political communicators. Are your video clips ready to be in the palm of people’s hands?

In the past, many campaigns simply took their TV creative and posted it online. That won’t cut it in a mobile-dominated video environment. Simple things like text size, for example, can trip you up. Are the headlines readable? Is the imagery powerful enough to work on a small screen? Is the overall messaging clear enough to come across without sound?

Yet another example of a Big Trend: the explosion of different formats and channels that we have to take into account when creating anything online that we actually want people to see. I’m old enough to have been building websites when the average computer monitor was 13 or 14 inches, with a resolution of 640×480 pixels. Now, we have to think about everything from a tiny phone screen to a TV whose dimensions are measured in feet. No pressure!

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